Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perhaps a Pond?

Thinking Out Loud:

A plastic tub or pond liner?

Pros and Cons: Need to dig a bigger hole for the tub and then need to pack the dirt tightly around the tub (if not packed tightly, rain water can fall under the tub and raise it up from the ground). Tub can crack in cold weather and cause a leak. Liner requires that all side are perfectly level around the edge or else it can leak. Also needs underlayment or sand to cushion the liner.

Pond Kit?

Ponds should be two feet deep for fishes and plants.

Waterproof pump? Solar pump cannot run a biological filter that is needed for a live pond. Maybe purchase a separate electrical pump for the filter?

Filter? Some pumps come with a built in filter down fish waste. (Need to put in bacteria?)

1" layer of coarse sand at bottom of pond

1" of fish to 1 sqft of pond surface area. Feed fish once a day to minimize fish waste. Don't feed fish when water is under 55 degrees. Put fishes in 3-4 days after pond is running. Fish eats algae and mosquito larvae.

Plant - 30-50% of pond surface area, mix of marginal, oxygenators, and lilies. Plants can be planted directly into the gravel.

Maybe no fish and no plants. Just pebbles? Then I might not need a filter...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back from Vacation!

After three weeks of vacation, here I am again. I came back to having to pick up dog poop in the backyard. It was really stinky. Imagine having to cook dinner and smelling that stench.

Anyhow, on Monday, November 2nd, pavers started going down in the backyard.

Tuesday, November 3rd, I was not happy with the work so I had it all ripped up and redone. End of day, the pavers in the center of the yard was done, and the two gravel pathway on either side of it was put in.

Wednesday, November 4th, pavers on either side of the concrete patio was put in. Lava rocks went down.

Thursday, November 5th, the paver pathway between the concrete patio and the huge paver patio was laid.

Coming up next, mulch!